Souvenirs Inspired by the City line-Ferry are on Sale
The souvenirs inspired by the City line-Ferry, one of the symbols of Istanbul, are put on sale in the İstanbul Kitapçısı (İstanbul Bookseller) Stores, and on the website

The City line-Ferries, the symbol of the Bosporus, which have been under sail for 165 years, since Şirket-i Hayriye, are continuing to influence the art and culture of Istanbul as well as daily life.
The exclusive design team of Hediyem İstanbul (Gift İstanbul), who have designed most of the products with Rotam Istanbul pattern in the name of Istanbul Metropole Municipality City lines City Souvenirs before, has prepared a very stylish penholder inspired by the chimney of the Bosporus symbol City line Ferry recently. Chimney formed penholders reflect the City lines with the color, as well as the anchor, with every detail.  

Scarves to cups, keychains to t-shirts, specially designed souvenirs are prepared and put on sale under the City lines brand. 

The souvenirs, on which memories about Istanbul come to life in the designs, are transformed into unique works inspired on the history, culture, symbols, and stories of Istanbul. In order to keep memories of Istanbul alive within daily life, glass, ceramic, wood, and porcelain like souvenirs that tell about the traditional handicrafts, are presented to those interested together with their unique history at the address