About Us

The organization that touches the lives of the passengers: Sehir Hatlari A.Ş.

Istanbul Sehir Hatlari joint company with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's leader in maritime transport as the Auspicious continue owning the legendary past and nowadays takes its place in history as an innovative provider.

Sehir Hatlari, which is the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's subsidiaries and continued owning the Şirket-i Hayriye's legendary history as maritime transport, is taking its place today as the leader and innovative provider.

Today, Şehir Hatları A.Ş. carries out an average of 600 flights per day with 50 berths and 28 ferries and transports around 40 million passengers a year. In particular, the Istanbul people's Şehir Hatları ferries, the magical Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and Islands line with the seagulls and historical and cultural structures, accompanied by images of the expeditions leave unforgettable memories in their lives.

Istanbul's symbol of Sehir Hatlari A.Ş. ferries continues its historical adventure. These journeys, which are also subject to songs and movies, are transmitted from generation to generation in oral and written form.

Moonlight Trips from Past to Present

Moonlight Excursions, which was organized by the Sehir Hatlari A.Ş. and explained all the details by the writer Abdülhak Şinasi Hisar in his works dates backs to the 1920s, creates an atmosphere of color, form and meaning for the Istanbulites.

As the most famous of the traditional Mehtaplı Excursions, which was performed in summer with music, on 4 August 1936, Safiye Ayla and Şadi Işılayın, one of the legendary names of Turkish Art Music, took part in the tour.

A thousand faces of the Bosphorus with ferries

Short and Long Bosphorus Tour, which was organized since the 1920s, is not only for Istanbulites but also for the tourists coming to Istanbul from the country and abroad. These tours offer a unique view to the beauties and splendor of Istanbul with the sea and seagulls on the shores of the Bosphorus.

And İstinye Cubuklu Car Ferry

The car ferry service of the people of Istanbul, which is also well known by the people of Istanbul, serves every day at the İstinye Çubuklu Car Ferry. Passengers can enjoy the beauty of the Bosphorus with a ferryboat.

Preparing for the future

The ferries of Sehir Hatlari A.Ş. are preparing to offer the best of the journeys to the next generations by following the technological developments and innovations in the sector while presenting all the beauty and opportunities of the sea to the public as it was yesterday.