Mission, Vision, Values
To provide a safe, comfortable and sustainable marine transportation service to society in Istanbul with the cultural power inherited from our past.  


To become a passenger-satisfaction focused, environment-friendly, pioneering, and leading company in public transportation. 


Sustainability and Inventiveness 

We provide sustainability by considering ecological, economic and social dimensions for the benefit of the community and our company; and at the same time, by following innovations, we provide continuous development through applicable ideas.
Employee Belonging, Customer Satisfaction and Participatory Management
The ideas of our employees, customers, and suppliers are important to us. In order to solve problems, and improve service quality we care about our shareholders’ ideas, and listen to them. 
Performance and Efficiency
We use our resources economically, act rapidly, and do our jobs correctly in order to increase financial and operational efficiency. 
Commitment to Corporate Culture

The success of the corporations is dependent on culture. The corporate culture is our identity. Our employees perform their jobs according to our mission, vision, and values. 
Transparency and Confidence

The most basic elements of work life are honesty and trust. We do our jobs correctly, trust each other, and provide transparency to our shareholders.