Frequently Asked Questions
1. On what conditions do you cancel voyages ?
There may be delays or cancellations of voyages because of obligatory reasons such as adverse weather conditions and unexpected technical faults. You can call our Customer Services Center which is available for 24 hours/7 days via  444 1851 number or visit our internet site to receive information in such situations.
2. Does it necessary to pay for bicycles in the ferries ? 
Bicycles are transported for free in city lines ferries.
3. Can I get on the ferry with my pet?

1- Pets will be able to transported within their cages, outside the passenger halls and in the safe places indicated by the ship officers; limitations may be imposed on the transportation according to the type of ships and the suitability of the areas.

2- Non-cage pets will be transported with their muzzles outside of the passenger lounges and in the safe places indicated by the ship officers.

3- Only caged small pets (bird, cat, rabbit, etc.) and guide dogs will be admitted to the passenger halls.

4- Pets must be healthy, harmless, clean and odorless. If the animal’s condition is suspicious (restless, aggressive, diseased, etc.), pets may not be admitted to the ship by ŞEHİR HATLARI A.Ş officers.

5- ŞEHİR HATLARI A.Ş., assumes no responsibility in case of worsening, death, loss or injury of the pets during or after the voyage. Costs and other damages that may arise due to these reasons, ŞEHİR HATLARI A.Ş is not responsible in any way. Taking necessary precautions is the responsibility of the pet owner.

6- The owners of pets are responsible for any damages (including damages to third parties) that pets can give to the piers and ships which are the responsibility of ŞEHİR HATLARI A.Ş.


4. Who can travel for free or with discounts on ferries ?
Usage of mass transportation vehicles with discounts or for free is carried out in accordance with 4736 numbered law provisions. According to the law, teachers who are on the permanent staff of formal education institutions’  (nursery school, primary school, secondary school and higher education) education services class, who work with 4/B Ministry contract and who actually work full time; and the students who are still registered and citizens who are completely 60 years old or more shall have discounts;
Handicapped people, extremely handicapped people above 50%, companions of those who are not extremely handicapped but having written in the report that “cannot travel alone without another person’s help” (as long as they are near the handicapped person), PTT distributors, dependent people who are completely 65 years old or older receiving salary from retirement fund shall have free service with the card they obtain from IETT. Owners of press card, owners of War of Independence Medal, Disabled People from War and Services, their spouses and mother and fathers of martyrs; children (as long as they get orphan’s pension because of martyr mother and father, who have no other salary or income from social security institutions other than orphan’s pension and who do not work subject to these institutions) of martyrs and widow spouses who are given salary, personnel actually working in security services class and police personnel working at municipality can use transportation for free thanks to own identity cards.
4. Can I smoke at open areas of the ferries? 
According to 4207 numbered law, it is forbidden to smoke in  “Mass transportation vehicles“ and there are penal sanctions in case of smoking.