Management Policy
Management Systems Policy
Şehir Hatları A.Ş. (City Lines Inc.) who has provided a safe, comfortable, and pleasant alternative in transportation through the public marine transportation services, has adopted the following statements as “Management Systems Policy”: 
To develop products and services according to the expectations of the customers, 
To improve the competency and knowledge of its employees, inform the employees about the occupational health and safety risks, and protect them against those risks,  
To form cooperation that supplies mutual benefit, 
To improve activity and efficiency and in this way provide continuously increasing values to its shareholders,  
To protect the environment, and support the life quality of society, 
To comply with Quality Management, Safety Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management System requirements, and the requirements of the legal regulations,
To perform learning, improvement, and innovation studies continuously in order to reach the targets.  
İSTANBUL ŞEHİR HATLARI TURİZM SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. (Istanbul City Lines Tourism Ind. and Trade Inc.) guarantees to conduct the management Systems that have been established according to this policy, to audit the system for developmental purposes, to provide the system’s continuity, and to improve the effectiveness of the system continuously. 
General Manager